Mag. Johannes Schwarz, MBA started in the age of 19 years an import/export business and later graduated at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, with elective in taxation. Then he became IT consultant for a multinational corporation. After his MBA degree in International Business, at the age of 26, he started the Praxis Unternehmensberatung group, which under his management carried out more than 2000 projects with over 800 customers, mainly in Austria and Eastern Europe. In addition, he invested in real estates, private equity and engaged in trading activities. In 2005, he sold his consulting business to a management buyout, then he started Zugimpex. Here there is an opportunity to combine the experience as entrepreneur, Certified Management Consultant, accredited Export Consultant and Certified E-Commerce Manager with know how in international tax consulting, Private Equity and Real Estate investment.

Managers and employees in our offices and business centers, among them 12 persons with university degree, make sure that current tasks are handled professionally and with relevant quality.

Licenses: our offices have all required licenses: in Switzerland, we are member of Treuhand Swiss, one of our company has a SRO registration. In Malta, one of our companies is licensed Auditor. In Slovakia, we share the office with a lawyer. All our offices are subject to Anti Money Laundering regulation, so please understand that we cannot avoid the required paperwork.

In addition, advisors and co-operation partners in several countries advise on issues that affect their location, and they help to get things done locally and in third countries.