Residence Permit in Slovakia (with Schengen – Visa) for EU/EEA/ Switzerland and for Non-EU citizens:

EU citizens move to Slovakia because of the good infrastructure, the moderate price level and the liberal legal environment. In addition, there are tax advantages, for example low tax on dividends. Citizens from EU, EEA and Switzerland can receive the residence and work permit on application.

A Non- EU citizen can receive a temporary residence permit in Slovakia that can lead to a permanent residence permit after several years.
(However, not good qualified nationals from “high risk” countries face additional administrative and financial obstacles)

There are several possibilities to apply for a temporary residence permit (please also calculate sufficient amounts for our services):

  • If someone creates a company, he needs:
    • Private liquid funds of about 3000 €
    • An accommodation of a reasonable quality
    • Valid papers translated into Slovak language
    • A clean police record
    • A company that with financial assets of at least 20.000 Euro that wants to employ him as a director, if he receives the work permit
  • If the employer asks for a work permit which is easier to get for high qualified personnel, because there is no test that a candidate cannot be found in EEA.
  • To save social charges and to avoid application in a country with restrictive administration, a person can be employed in one EEA country and posted from there to another EEA country for some years.
  • If a well-known corporation establishes a subsidiary or a branch and wants to place the person as a manager of this entity.
  • If he can prove to be self-sufficient and have one of the other purposes listed in the Act on Residency of foreigners for the requested period.
  • If he studies in Slovakia.

(Updated August 2021)