International Tax Planning + Real Internationalization
= More Business and Less Taxes

(Please note: Zugimpex does not provide services to US citizens and to US residents)

International business activities are increasing, countries are in fiscal competition and offer attractive terms. Companies may benefit twice if they look for business opportunities as well as for optimizing their corporate structures.  Zugimpex supports companies in both areas.

The approach of Zugimpex – targeted advice:

Laws and regulations define facts with legal consequences. Often customers approach an advisor, and then they are questioned about their plans and informed about the legal consequences. However, most customers do not ask for an evaluation of their own proposed solution, but for a solution of the advisor how they can reach their goals.

While the consultant answers: “Tell me what you do or what you want to do, and I will tell you the legal consequences”, their question is: “how shall the facts be in order to reach the desired legal result”.

Zugimpex offers the approach of targeted advice:

  1. Definition of goals and desired legal consequences.
  2. Identification of those facts that cause the desired legal consequences.
  3. Scheduling of processes and circumstances in a way that they cause the desired legal consequences.
  4. Definition of supportive and disadvantageous evidence (documentary, testimonial, physical, analytical).
  5. Scheduling of processes how to collect and retain supportive evidence and how to avoid such evidence that can lead to misinterpretation.
  6. Simulation of an inspection and improvement of the planned processes.

Efficient internationalization creates additional revenue and/or lower costs.

International tax-planning reduces the total corporate tax rate.

Process planning combined with real implementation in place creates efficient structures and operations that fulfil the criteria established by tax authorities.

Zugimpex-Business Centres in several countries facilitate your location planning, you can immediately use our infrastructure and enjoy our reliable service for company formation and administrative support. Our Business Centres are equipped with individual rooms and ready-made workstations, which you can rent in order to create a permanent establishment.

Additional consulting services will help you avoid bottlenecks, to acquire know-how and to implement your plans.

Our customers get fair conditions, clear arrangements in advance and no unpleasant surprises. To customers who want to avoid fixed costs, we are glad to offer flexible pricing models with low fixed costs, fairly priced complementary services and some additional profit sharing.

and this means to you:

as a customer of Zugimpex you improve your organization, you open new markets and you save tax.

(updated April 2024)