Business Consulting:

Benefit from our decades of experience with hundreds of customers. Consulting means to define and implement a proper strategy, to multiply success potentials and to optimize processes.


We assist you to get access to customers in other countries, and cheap buying opportunities. Internationalization opens many possibilities, from export and outsourcing to “forum shopping”, the legitimate exploitation of differences between the legal systems of countries.


Companies that are managed poorly, start lacking liquidity which poses a threat to their existence. They have to be reorganized in the following steps:

  • Reducing the risk of existence, stabilization of liquidity: sale of unneeded assets, improvement of debt management, payment arrangements, etc.
  • Protection of success potentials: review of the strategy, focusing on profitable business, plans to expand successful elements
  • Improvement of processes: changes in the organizational structure, budgeting and cost reduction, marketing
  • long-term realignment

Online Marketing:

Modern marketing costs are much lower than you might think, especially with online marketing. You will be surprised.

Start-up Marketing:

To help your business to become substantial and to quickly reach profitability, we support you in customer acquisition: market studies, provision of addresses, telephone marketing from low-priced countries, and the search for distribution partners – steps that pay off quickly.

Small and medium enterprises and family businesses:

Use our proven know-how from years of practical experience with solutions to specific problems, like succession plans or intelligent organizational structures, allowing flexibility and clarity.

Controlling, cost and profitability analysis:

An ongoing identification of key figures and statistics based on your accounting system gives insight into your business development, you can better plan and focus your activities on those areas that really are successful. Our large database of key data allows us to compare your cost structure with those of other enterprises and to recommend you reasonable cost adjustments.

Increase in productivity, quality management (ISO 9000):

“Creativity plus financial calculator” is our motto: insights from workshops will be compared with precise measurements and analysis of key figures. This method ensures an objective approach. Focusing on key success factors means to target consulting activities to those areas that have a high economic impact. Ask us also for our track record in ISO 9000 implementation – 100% success rate.

Real Estate:

Real estate investments can bring good returns if they are used sensibly and efficiently, which is not always the case. We analyse your property as part of your corporate or private wealth, and we help you to sustainably increase its value by technical and/or fiscal improvements.

Valuation / Due Diligence:

If a company is to be sold or transferred, we will furnish a standardized documentation and examine the situation from the perspective of a third party. This way, you still could add value to your business and save expensive consulting fees in later steps.

Merger & Acquisitions:

If you want to purchase a company, we are looking for acquisition candidates. Our experience and our database of business metrics assist you in evaluating: is a business for sale, we consider not only the documents of the contract and accounting, but also strategy, processes and effectiveness of marketing. So, you can concentrate on your core business and strategically plan acquisitions.

In the process of taking over a company, our proven checklists and due diligence methods protect you from bad surprises.

Management Consulting and Advisory:

As a first step, Zugimpex offers a free Management Tutorial, so clients can review their skills, educate their employees and benefit from increased profitability without additional external costs. When the basics are implemented, consulting services provide external know how and methods that pay off.

(updated April 2024)