Renting of flexi desk, permanent desks or office spaces in our business centres: Zugimpex offers in Cham (Zug) and in Bratislava desks plus office spaces with clean sanitary facilities in convenient locations. Domicile, flexi desk and basic postal service is included in the contracts. Customers can select additional services, too. Through our partners we can quickly organize additional office space for you. So, you can start with a small incubator office and quickly transfer to a larger entity. In addition to office and virtual office, we also offer all services regarding accounting and legal support.

In Malta, we do not offer such services ourselves because of the local bureaucracy. According to FAQ 22 to the MFSA Rulebook, a company that offers registered office together with mail forwarding is considered to be a subject person. So it has the obligation to monitor its clients and to submit periodic reports about this activity.

Web design, newsletters, search engine marketing (SEA, SEO): this way you win additional customers with your new company, and this constitutes (fiscally) an independent function of the entity. Customers also enjoy AI supported videos, they can be modified if basic information changes, they can be translated into different languages and optimized for SEO purposes and postings.

Order processing: contracts, booking, shipping documents, billing, collections, and payments.

Translations: with AI, with our employees and external partners we translate your correspondence.

Interim Management: until you find (or find again) suitable employees in the market, we are ready to run your company according to your wishes.

Personnel: payroll accounting, registration of employees, administration of social security contributions, correspondence with authorities.

Recruiting: if management cannot be present all the time, we offer personnel recruitment, preselection, and training. In emergencies, we can cooperate with personnel leasing companies, many of which are located near to our locations.

IT support: together with partners we can setup an IT infrastructure and look after it.

Services at additional locations: in cooperation with partners.

Residency: if customers or their staff want to transfer their residence, we assist with immigration formalities.

(updated April 2024)